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About Mark 'Hobbit' Goldberg

The name Hobbit was given to me in college around 1976.  Many people only knew me as Hobbit.

I am an 8th generation native New Yorker born in 1958.  I started out as a still photographer, and have since moved onto camera operation for the film and TV industry. I'm mainly known as a Steadicam Operator and Director of Photography.  I'm now a documentary filmmaker, and have written so many that I created The Documentary Factory. Most of my work recently has been of the motion type, shooting my own films as well as other's, although I still do commercial still photography.

I have been self employed most of my life, here is my resume.

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My two favorite music artists of all time are Frank Zappa, who I was fortunate enough to meet at his book signing of "The Real Frank Zappa" and Sarah McLachlan. Today I met Sarah.  I cracked her up by telling her the following story.  BTW, I've met hundreds of artists and celebrities over the years, and Sarah was the most pleasant and open.

I owned record stores for 15 years and was a partner in a wholesale distribution firm to independent record stores (Yes, in addition to thanking Sarah for her work, I also thanked her for her sales.)  Rolling Stone magazine had once voted Roxy Music's Avalon album the "Ultimate Fuck Album."  I took issue with this believing that Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstacy is the "Ultimate Fuck Album." Ironically I ran into Jann Wenner at a meet and greet not long after that issue was published. I immediately begin to debate my cause, in good humor. He eventually conceded that it was an oversight.

Sarah McLachlan   Sarah McLachlan   Sarah McLachlan